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Web Design

Choose Abbacus Technologies to help you sail your website through the ocean of success by making your sales and internet traffic reach greater heights than never before!

The dependence and significance possessed by the internet in the lives of people today is unbound. A new business can have an invaluable support and revenue generated just by its website.

You can make your product reach thousands of buyers and interested customers by acquiring or developing a rich and interactive website. Clients and potential customers can browse through the various products on your website, effortlessly choose these products as well as order them online.

We specialize in e-commerce, flash media, online marketing, print graphics, technical support and web promotions. We possess qualities like:

  • Creating a customized and unique environment for the clients according to their business needs.
  • We are totally dedicated and committed to make you achieve the desired goals.
Web Devlopment

Along with having a precise and accurate design for your website, the development of your website is also very crucial if you are aiming for top results. Web designing might be concerned about how your website looks; but web development is what has gone into the coding of the web applications that together make your website.

A strong and error free foundation to your website by means of a good web development will ensure hassle free loading of the web pages as well as a relinquishing web structure. At Abbacus Technologies, creativity and skills have been combined to present your customers with an amazing web experience from your side!

We can make your website full of technical competence. You can have message boards, e-commerce shops, dynamic frames and even subscription services. All your processes and business portfolios can be streamlined by our technologies and carved into a unique website that will make your business achieve great heights of success!

With the advent of online shopping and sitting at home accessing the entire web world, the hungry pangs of e-commerce websites are increasing with every passing day. A poorly designed and maintained e-commerce site will lead to the frustration and irritation among the consumers, which will indirectly harm your reputation in the business market.

Hence, for a good rapport and honor of the organization, you must hire the top professionals from the online world to design and develop a website that not only attracts potential consumers but also leave them fully satisfied and happy!

Abbacus Technologies will never let your consumers face such a situation because we are a team of highly experienced and efficient techno savvies who knows the weak features of a website and how to transform it into a quick and accurate e-commerce website in no time! What are you waiting for? Give a boost to your traditional e-commerce website by hiring and calling us today!
Mobile Apps

Mobile apps, today, have been regarded as one of the tremendously growing features of the computing world. So many mobile apps have been successfully delivered and released in the mobile and computing market and are a favorite among the customers.

Rely on Abbacus Technologies as your partner in mobile app development for your application development requirements. Some of the brilliant services offered by us include:

  • Development of mobile applications.
  • Apple iOS, iPhone, iPad, or iPod apps development.
  • Android development and programming.
  • Integration of web services.
  • Marketing strategies of mobile apps.

What is delivered to you in the end is an exceptional quality and precisely performing mobile app that is destined to lure customers and clients into buying and installing it into their mobiles phones! Wait no more and contact us soon and we will be happy to satisfy your mobile app development requirements!
Web Marketing

The most important requirement for a successful and widely spread business is to establish a website. In order to solidify your business identity, you have to make sure that the design of the website i.e. the visual layout is up to the mark.

Abbacus Technologies offers variety of services to business owners in order to develop business web presence. We not only help business owners to work excellently on Internet but also use proprietary methodologies like SEO (Searching Engine Optimization) method and Searching Engine Marketing (pay per click).

Our main goal is to make the right choices for your business and implement them in the best possible way. The benefit of web marketing is not only sharing of information about business but also to occur among circle of people on a larger growing scale.

Make your choice and reach new heights in your business by attracting potential customers by choosing us as your web marketing expert!
Flash & Flex Apps

Catering to the interactive application developing industry since many years, Abbacus Technologies has been a world renowned name in the development of flash and flex apps. Employing a team of well qualified experts in interactive gaming and application development using technologies like Action Script, Flash, Flex, Adobe Air and Silverlight; we have a leading trail of clients that vouch by our name in the application development and gaming world!

No need to think twice. Just rely completely on us if you want to develop a flash and flex application to make a mark in the technological world. Here is a list of services you might avail from us:

  • Flex and flash apps development.
  • Programming using Action Script.
  • Website development using flash and flex.

With Abbacus Technologies, your website and your mobile apps are always in safe hands before they create a successful furor in the market!
Process We Follow
Step 1 » Project Definition
For a result oriented and successful project to be delivered to the customers, a clear and accurate set of definitions related to the project are mandatory. You complete half of the complicated tasks of developing a project if you have an unambiguous set of precise and efficient guidelines and scope related to the project.

We, at Abbacus Technologies, believe in frequently interacting with the clients and understanding their technological and marketing needs so that we can continuously improve and evolve to serve them better! Communication and interaction is one of the basic principles followed in our company as it paves the foundation of a healthy and lively relationship between the customer and the provider. Moving ahead with this mindset, we conduct regular meetings and calls with the clients to understand them and their project requirements better.

Such a refined and clear process of defining the project enables us as well as the customer to have a satisfied and worry free phase of development so that the best quality product is delivered in the end!

Step 2 » Site Structure
The structure of the website that includes the modules, sub-modules, the processes, functionalities, frames and other related applications working together and making up the website is an integral part of the development process and is decided right after the project definition phase of the developmental product.

One of the tools that we legitimately use for our website design and structuring methodologies is wireframes. A wireframe design and methodology aids in visually guiding the skeletal framework of the website. Employed with a talented team of skillfully experienced Interaction designers and professionals, Abbacus Technologies is a leading name today when it comes to provide a strategically placed website structure.

With employing the wireframe technology in your website structuring, we ensure:

  • The types of functions that can be available in the site.
  • The information displayed.
  • The comparative priorities given to the functions and information.
  • The related rules for the displaying of content.

The scenarios applicable to the content display.

Step 3 » Visual Design
Visual designing of the website is the next step that follows the method of site structuring. Once the wireframe design sent to the client is approved, our exclusive team of designing professionals and high level designing experts consult the clients about the design whereabouts of the website. The look and feel of the website along with its desired functionality is also taken care of in this phase.

Not only do we excel in our technological skills and expertise but also we demonstrate great potential for excellence and maverick intelligence by our experienced and qualified project team members. Each member of the team is given a specific role and responsibility which is stated in an unambiguous way to avoid any misunderstandings.

Explore our quintessential services and get ready to experience a satisfying and uncomplicated website development process!

Step 4 » Development
Abbacus Technologies is amongst a few leading development companies which offer various development services to its clients. There is a big competition in the market and this is what makes us work harder so that we deliver the best to our clients. We have a team in which every member is a genius in dealing with the website development along with the development of various other applications such as:

  • Internet related applications
  • Fun related applications
  • Business related applications
  • Office applications
  • Multimedia applications

Abbacus Technologies provide you a team of experts which are capable enough to help you with the maintenance of the existing websites also along with the development of a new product for you.

Step 5 » Testing and QA
Testing is a term which generally refers to the testing of a product to ensure that it meets the quality and the requirements of the client. Testing should always be done in an effective manner so as to avoid the high impact consequences of the defective software. Effective testing always ensures the quality of the product.

QA stands for Quality assurance which indicates the quality measurements of a product in a systematic manner. In QA process, various processes are monitored and the product is usually compared with the standard product and feedback is provided as a result of which errors can be prevented.

Abbacus Technologies have a huge team of testers which are trained in all the fields whether it is the testing of an application or software. Our team works effectively to provide an error-free product to our clients under the timelines and without causing any inconvenience to the client at the most appropriate and suitable rates.

Step 6 » Release
Abbacus Technologies is an organization known for its perfect and timely release of the products, software or an application to the client without extending the deadlines. Release of any product undergoes various procedures to ensure that the best quality product is delivered to the client because it is the client and their satisfaction we work for!

Our expert release team makes sure that the best quality product is being delivered and for this they test the product for maximum possible times as end users before it is delivered to the client. Our main focus is always on the acceptance of the product in the market which is designed by us. Because the success of the client is our success and it gives us the motivation to work more effectively. We offer the software to our clients through physical media or via web.

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